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At House of Comyn we take sizing very seriously and you can see below our helpful guide. Many of our dresses and tops work over several sizes and shapes. We also understand that women can look entirely different in shape and proportion but still both wear a size 12, so we would absolutely recommend that you pay a visit to our Studio to try things on, you can always order over the phone or by email once you know what fits you......and besides we'd love to meet you.


Silk: All our care labels specify Dry Cleaning, but if you want to try washing them for yourself, then you do so at your own risk. If you are going to do this then we would recommend that you follow the instructions given on The Silk Association of Great Britain's website to enable the best outcome. We would also ask that you use an 'eco' dry cleaner, why add dangerous chemicals to the environment when you don't need too.

Jackets and Coats: Dry Clean only, this prolongs the life of the garment and protects their shape and construction.

Suede Pieces: Specialist Dry Cleaners

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